About ArteRotica

ArteRoTica is a Seasonal (May-Oct), monthly event  which exhibits carefully chosen artists whose art represents various forms and expressions of eroticism. The event features erotic displays of art – from photography to fine art and performance art. Additionally, our DJs curate a soundscape that supports the vision of ArteRotica.

In 2009 ArteRotica was created and produced by Sybarite Productions and curator/photographer Alaric Campbell.

In 2012, ArteRotica established its collaboration with co-Curator Danny Simmons (RUSH Philanthropic/Rush Art Galleries). Over the last five years ArteRotica has grown substantially in its popularity and continues to grow rapidly.

ArteRotica is committed to cultivating an atmosphere that is open and welcoming to all genders, ethnicities sexual orientations and lifestyles.  We create an environment for our audience to have  the freedom to express and explore different interpretations of sexuality through artistic communication in a fun and playful way.