ArteRotica Special Edition

ArteRotica + HYCIDE + Playboy TV

ArteRotica + HYCIDE + Playboy TV


March 16th, 2015


When the producers from the new Playboy TV series Under Cover called us and said they wanted to film ArteRotica for the show, we jumped at the opportunity.  We assembled some of our favorite acts, art and attractions to really showcase what we are about. 

We called up our friend Akintola Hanif, founder of HYCIDE magazine, to exhibit images from the Sex Issue of HYCIDE. Alaric Campbell, co-founder and curator of ArteRotica, worked with Akintola to select final images displayed.

We also hit up our friends at who provided us with a high end HD projector.

As you can see from these images it was a night to remember. Under Cover’s host Kate Quigley, sporting full body paint, played cohost with Miss Dinna. Quigley, who is also a stand up comic, took to her role with such ease you would not think this was her first time experiencing ArteRotica. ArteRotica_Playboy(Edits)-3.12.2015-2

Team ArteRotica would like to thank everyone that made this event possible. 

  • The Under Cover Production Crew
  • Playboy TV
  • Kate Quigley
  • Voodoo Ray
  • Danny Castro
  • The DL
  • The Ken Project
  • Sharan
  • Stormy Leather
  • Chicava Honeychild (BGB)
  • Celia aka Blue Nefertiti
  • Akynos
  • Georgio Carpet
  • Marcus Likesit and OHMS
  • Sarle Jeffries and Tay
  • DJ Hard Hittin Harry, DJ Dax, DJ SheRock, Asen James



Special thanks to Suzanne Abramson for making such beautiful images.

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